LANKELEISI XT750 big suspension

T750 increased shock absorber Yongyongyong shock absorber has 1000w no motor, and is equipped with 26-inch fat tires, so that this vehicle can become a hot seller in our store. Besides, the biggest feature is the equipment. The large suspension of the spring makes it flow and can walk on various complicated roads.

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LANKELEISI XF4000 fat tire ebike

The XF4000 is very popular in the UK, and it’s one of our best-selling UK models. It has 4.0 fat tires, which is very suitable for riding on mountains and various complex roads, and because of its high power and the most cost-effective price, it is popular in the UK, if you are interested, please learn more

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lankeleisi x3000 plus-up Upgraded version

The X3000 PLUS-UP is an enhanced version of the X3000. The performance is improved in all aspects based on the X3000. In addition to the performance, the biggest highlight is the addition of a double-spring shock-absorbing large suspension to this model, allowing it to calmly Coping with steep terrain, and for this reason, this bike is loved by cycling enthusiasts!

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lankeleisi x3000 FOLDING EBIKE

The X3000 is loaded with a large-capacity lithium battery, which has super endurance, and with this 1000w brushless motor, it can make its speed more possibilities. At the same time, it can be folded and carried lightly, which is suitable for all kinds of people. Carry it lightly, come and start!

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lankeleisi xt750 sport version

The xt750 sport version is a model that we have launched for both city and mountain use. It has a stylish and beautiful shape and adopts more solid and firm one-piece tires. It is currently stocked in the local warehouse in the UK! Order now!

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lankeleisi g650  electric commute bike

The G650 is equipped with 20-inch CST tires, which makes the body lighter and more suitable for riding in the city. With this small body, it can pass through some alleys without fear of traffic jams. If you want to travel around the city, the G650 is undoubtedly the best transportation.

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lankeleisi rv700 mountain ebike

The RV700 Explorer model is our newest model with a high-definition LED display that allows you to see all the driving information at a glance while you ride. Not only that, it is also loaded with a large-capacity removable lithium battery, which is convenient and easy to replace. At the same time, a large suspension with double spring shock absorption is also installed. This bike is the highest-spec and best-equipped model available in 2022.

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lankeleisi xc4000 

The XC4000 has a 1000w brushless motor, which provides strong power for the bike. It is equipped with 26-inch fat tires, allowing it to adapt to complex terrain. At the same time, it is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery with strong battery life. It is suitable for those who like long-distance riding. ! This is also a very affordable model in our store.

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In order to improve the shopping experience of users, lankeleisi officially proposed that will mainly meet the online ordering needs of customers in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Our orders are usually delivered within 5-10 days.

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